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About BLENDit™

BLENDit™ is a proprietary formula using meat and poultry with tart cherries and specialty ingredients and seasonings.  Our formula is all natural, with Gluten Free ingredients that enhance the flavor of meat products.Blendit Logo

BLENDit™ is “blended into” meat proteins such as ground beef, poultry, pork, lamb, bison, emu and others.  BLENDit™ can be used in sausages and as a marinade for tenderizing as well as added into other products such as meatloaf, meatballs, taco mix, pizza toppings and snack items.

BLENDit™ is made up of:

  • Fully Ripe IQF (individually quick frozen) Cherries
  • Dietary Fibers
  • Customized Special Seasoning Mix

BLENDit™ recipes offer flexibility to our Processor Partners.

Pleva International works with each processor to customize the BLENDit™ formulations to assure optimization with the processors equipment and procedures.

Through a variety of BLENDit™ recipes many enhanced products have been developed to include products such as:

  • Beef  (Fresh and Fully Cooked Products)
  • Poultry  (Fresh and Fully Cooked Products)
  • Sausages (Fresh & Smoked)
  • Bacon & Ham (Used in Curing Process)
  • Jerky & Snack Sticks (Used in Curing Process)

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